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The Photographer for the importand things in live.

Throughout my career as a photographer working in the fields of architectural, industrial, portrait and product photography as well as in photojournalism, I have gained valuable knowledge on the factors contributing to a good photo shot. Thanks to modern technology the photographer can create the atmosphere you desire for your photographs at any time. If you want to perfectly showcase your project, then you have come to the right person.

Why hire a professional photographer?



Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography focuses on capturing means of production and manufacturing processes involved in industrial production. This requires enormous flexibility and high precision. The image circle ranges from macro photography when capturing processes to wide-angle photography for architectural photographs of large process plants. This range requires the photographer’s specialist expertise. Also, deciding on an appropriate time for the shoot is one of the most important factors in the pre-shoot planning.



Architectural photography

Taking architectural photographs often poses challenges and can be a test of patience. Key factors in the work procedure of architectural photography are the season, the time of day as well as the weather. These factors might thwart a well-laid pre-shoot plan and thus demand high flexibility and willingness to work on short notice, on the part of both the photographer and the client. Architectural photography uses a perspective with a long history which is based on the plan view in a one-point perspective.


Download of photographs
Thank you for your order. You can conveniently download your files from this download centre. You can access your images after logging in as can advertising agencies, printers and resellers you are cooperating with.

You can find the login data on our business correspondence. If you do not have the correspondence at hand, please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail for new login data.



Photomontages and photo compositions are the ideal solution for those on a tight budget as they can achieve significant cost savings compared to conventional shootings. Neither the model nor the crew and equipment need to be transported to a certain location, which saves you high sums. Each composition starts of as an idea in our mind. Separate motives, which stylistically may differ widely from each other, can then easily be combined to a single consistent image with stunning effects.




I believe that the main aim of photojournalism is the time-related photojournalistic coverage of an event. Cultural, environmental, and political backgrounds illustrate social issues and photojournalism depicts them in images. Authenticity and timely availability of the images are key factors of photojournalism which I as a professional guarantee.

Portable and light photographic equipment without excessive lightning devices enable the photographer to work in a fast and discrete manner. The images obtained in this way receive a narrative structure and depict the course of events in chronological order.


Photography studio

The quality of a good shot depends to 80% on the lightning adjustments. That is why I prefer working in a photography studio in which I can adjust the lightning with precision and accuracy, regardless of the outside influences. Indoors, I can create the perfect conditions for a product shooting or even set up a whole new world inside your plant to meet your requirements. For instance, I know how to reproduce architectural styles of all epochs.

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to possible designs in the set installation. As a matter of course, I efficiently handle your order, from the draft to the final image.





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